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The X-Patrol are the Amalgam of Marvel Comics' X-Force and DC Comics' Doom Patrol.

Fictional background

The X-Patrol's HQ is The X-Building, a building in the shape of the letter X in New York, which was once part of a World's Fair Pavilion. Niles Cable and the wealthy Elasti-Girl help to discreetly renovate the building and turn it into the HQ of the X-Patrol.

Members of the X-Patrol

Members of the X-Patrol include:

Foes of the X-Patrol

  • Doctor Doomsday: The first villain the X-Patrol faced. Appeared in X-Patrol #1.
  • X-Stroke the Eliminator
  • Brother Brood: He leads a cult for the nightmarish Brood from his island nation of Zenosha and is killed after being captured by the X-Patrol. Appeared in Exciting X-Patrol #1.
  • Terra-X: A former member of the X-Patrol, who betrays them to X-Stroke.
  • Will Magnus - A metamutant hater who tries to exterminate the X-Patrol with the controversial Armageddon Agenda