The X-Patrol is a superhero team from the Amalgam Comics world, and are an amalgamation of X-Force from Marvel Comics and Doom Patrol from DC Comics. They were featured in two Amalgam Comics, X-Patrol #1 (April 1996) and Exciting X-Patrol #1 (June 1997)

Fictional background

The X-Patrol's HQ is The X-Building, a building in the shape of the letter X in New York, which was once part of a World's Fair Pavilion. Niles Cable and the wealthy Elastigirl help to discreetly renovate the building and turn it into the HQ of the X-Patrol.

Members of the X-Patrol

Members of the X-Patrol include:

  • Beastling (Hank Logan) - He has the ability to shapeshift into creatures that haunted his nightmares after contracting a disease, a combination of DC's Beast Boy and Marvel's Beast.
  • Shatterstarfire - The beautiful princess of Planet Tamojoran, a combination of DC's Starfire and Marvel's Shatterstar.
  • Niles Cable - The head of the X-Patrol, a combination of Niles Caulder and Cable.
  • Elastigirl - Lover of Niles Cable, a combination of the DC heroine of the same name and Marvel's Domino.
  • Ferro Man (Piotr Rasputin) - He has the ability to turn his body into an iron hard substance. Ferro Man is a combination of the Legion of Super-Heroes' Ferro Lad and Colossus from the X-Men. He first appeared in X-Patrol #1.
  • Dial H.U.S.K. - Member of the X-Patrol, little information known about her. Based on DC's Dial H for Hero and Generation X's Husk.
  • Raveniya - A spiritual healer who is believed dead for a time, a combination of Raven and Aliyah Bishop.
  • Ex-Man - (Niles Dayspring) - A combination of the X-Man and Jericho. Ex-Man is actually an alternate future version of Niles Cable, who has travelled to the past to prevent his dystopic future from occurring. He is almost killed by fellow X-Patroller Terra-X, and later saves his younger self by curing him of his technovirus infection. Ex-Man is a mutant with enhanced psychic powers, including telepathy.

Foes of the X-Patrol

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