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Yellow Bee

Yellow Bee (Ricki DeMara) is the Amalgam of Marvel Comics' Yellowjacket II and DC Comics Red Bee.


Ricki DeMara was an industrial spy and thief who stole tech from Ray Palmer, the Atomic Ant. While she was holding Palmer's insect communication helmet, the white dwarf star fragments in Palmer's shrinking belt irradiated Ricki with cosmic energy. Reciving amazing powers, Ricki became the villainous Yellow Bee. However, after she was stopped by the Atomic Ant himself, she saw the error of her ways and decided to use her powers to help people rather than steal from them. She would eventually join the Freedom Defenders.

Powers and abilities

Yellow Bee can shrink to the size of an insect, fly, fire stingers of bioelectric energy, and communicate telepathically with bees.